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TM Varvikas

Wooden puzzles - PW002e - Curious giraffe

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Curious Giraffe Puzzle

The "Curious Giraffe" PW002e - a wooden shaped puzzle from the "Mystical Zentangle" collection, is an unforgettable gift for both children and adults, bringing families together through an engaging hobby. For children, this puzzle helps develop patience and concentration, while adults can enjoy the meditative process of assembly to unwind from daily stress.

The giraffe symbolizes wealth, aspiration for recognition, and financial well-being. Since ancient times, it was believed to possess the ability to foresee the development of events, including in business. Often, the giraffe embodies uniqueness of character and optimism. These wooden puzzles made from HDF are a high-quality, handcrafted product, packaged in a gift box. The set's pieces are made from eco-friendly and durable materials, featuring enhanced strength and resistance to aggressive substances, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for the owner.

The pieces fit tightly together to form a complete picture thanks to high-precision laser cutting, and the animal and plant-shaped figures within the puzzle pieces add variety to the assembly process. HDF is an eco-friendly material produced by pressing fine wood fibers at a temperature of +250°C and a pressure of 10 bar. The set includes 280 pieces. The finished product measures 28x43 cm. Assembly time is 4-8 hours.